Student Creates Chrome Extension to Bypass BoilerKey

Ben Scholer, the president of the ULu church council, was recently featured on the front page of the Purdue Exponent for a project he worked on! Purdue recently began requiring two-factor authentication for students and staff to log into their myPurdue portal or to see their grades on Blackboard Learn. The new program is known as BoilerKey. Students and staff are now required to either tap a button on their cell phone every time they log in, or carry around a small device that generates codes. Many students, including Ben, found this to be inconvenient. So Ben came up with a secure way to bypass BoilerKey in the form of an extension for Google Chrome, and he made it publicly available.

Ben has been an active member of the ULu church council during his time at Purdue. He is a junior in Computer Information Technology with a minor in Professional Writing. After college, he plans to work as a software developer, and then attend law school to study patent law. Great job, Ben!

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