About the ULu Church Council

Thanks for your interest in the Ulu Council! Our council is largely made up of student members to account for the opinions of our students in the congregation. As the council, we plan social events, provide opportunities for congregation members to get involved in the worship service and help with the finances of the church. If you are interested in getting more involved in the church or have a suggestion for a social event, feel free to talk to one of us. Our hope is that we can not only reach out to students who want to know Christ but also grow in fellowship together as Christians. If you want to know more about our upcoming events and services, check out the “Calendar” tab or sign up to receive our newsletter via email.

by Rachel Tonne, ULu Council, Welcome Board

You may contact Rachel by email at rtonne@purdue.edu

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A Mountaintop Experience in North Carolina

Sara Wendte, a graduate student at Purdue and one of our office assistants, traveled to North Carolina last week with Pastor Herman and twelve others to serve at Mountain Top Christian Camp in Waynesville. Here is what she had to say about the trip:

I’m so happy I decided to spend my Spring Break on the ULu mission trip to Mountain Top Experience Camp in North Carolina. The camp staff was very friendly and grateful for our help. Many of the cabins had gutters that needed cleaning and windows that needed washing. On the trails, we found several trees that had fallen across the path that needed to be cut with a chainsaw. Pastor Herman and some of the guys had fun with that part! On Friday, we got to enjoy a day of fun in Gatlinburg, TN. Last year, 8 people went on the Spring Break trip but this year we had 14, which was great!

The best part of the trip for me was the evening Bible study each night led by Pastor Herman. Our studies were focused on how different people in the Bible experienced the presence of God on a mountain and heard His voice.  We had a similar mountaintop experience this week as we escaped from the stress of classes and enjoyed a week of Christian fellowship in His beautiful creation. On the last night, we talked about how Jesus’s experience on Mount Calvary purchased our freedom from sin and death. His mountaintop experience stays with us and impacts our lives even as we come back down from the mountain and back to our everyday routines.

For more pictures from the trip, visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ulupurdue/.

ULu Bible Studies for Students

University Lutheran offers several Bible studies for students!

Mondays at 7pm: Pastor Herman continues the series on Luther’s Large Catechism. You may join at any time, even if you haven’t been attending. This group meets in the basement fellowship hall at 460 Northwestern Ave. and is attended by both community members and students.

 Power Half-Hour Bible Study for Men: This 30-minute study for students only will meet at the Beta Sig House, 525 N. University St., at 6pm beginning Monday, March 18th. Join Pastor Herman to gain focus in God’s Word and prepare for the week ahead.

Great Women of the Bible for the Great Women of ULu: Held on Thursday nights at 8pm, this new Bible study for college women is led by Carol Ghiselli and Brynne Schultz. This four-part series will take a look at the lives of the most familiar women of the Bible, including Eve, Sarah, Ruth and Mary, the mother of Jesus. Meet us in the cry room on the third floor!